Friday, October 10, 2008

and now for a proper introduction...

It hasn't even been a day, and I feel compelled to blog again.  Already.  But I feel like I've been impolite to Blogger as a whole, by teasing it from the start.  So let's start again, and this time with a sort of blogger-esque handshake.

I should have begun with things I like about Blogger.  For instance, for example, after a cool hour of visiting blogs, I've found that it houses an infinite amount of amazing people and personalities.  I'm particularly taken by the thoughts of travelers, their pictures from around the world.  It's actually related to my purpose for being here.  The website I posted this morning - - is all about celebrating the wonder that is traveling.

And who am I?  I'm a student, an English major.  I intern for aforementioned site.  And I must apologize for my rudeness, please don't associate it with the website.  It's made up of all things kind and good and good-natured.   It's about connecting and growing and learning and inspiring, and maybe packing up your suitcase to go galavant across the world.  

If I had to guess at why I chose to start a blog with 'things I have against blogging,' it is probably because I'm a bit of a fairy-hippie, sometimes.  I like letter writing and tree houses.  I dream of being reached by carrier pigeons, someday.  But it has occurred to me that I'm nostalgic for a time period I wasn't even born into.   How silly, no?

I am silly, but also serious.  Serious about you and your blogs and traveling and connecting.  So all the best to all of you, and keep writing always.

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Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Hey, thanks for following my blog! I'll be checking back in!