Tuesday, October 14, 2008

is today tuesday? will it tell me when i publish this draft?

I'll risk redundancy, and remind everyone who visits this page to check out www.gogalavanting.com.  In fact, look forward to seeing it in every post.  Because it's who I am.  Maybe in the future I'll try to cleverly hide it.  It can be like looking for Hitchcock in all his films.  But in order to count on this, I've realized that there is an importance to my actually posting.  And, not only do I have to post regularly, but apparently they have to be interesting, compelling posts.  They need to be a reflection of my character, or an open window to my world of passionate hobbies...

Things you may have already deduced from my past two posts might be: an attachment to travel, www.gogalavanting.com, and English (due to my studying it).  But let's put calculations aside, for now.  Math can be tiresome.  

Instead, let's talk about something I've recently taken a fancy to.  We're talking better than ice cream, better than sunsets, and right up there with puppies.  Lately, I've been all about beards.  On boys.  Though I have never seen a bearded woman... But no, seriously, beards are awesome.  Kind of.  I mean, just now I googled 'beards' in an effort to find pictures.  And apparently there's even a beards.org, which shouldn't surprise anyone.  However, the website ---it's not what I'm thinking of.  I mean, I guess beards are beards are beards.  As is evidenced by this google-imaged photograph:
But I'll admit that this whole thing about beards started when I first saw a great example of it, in person.  Isn't that how many things begin?  With inspiration?  

I'll spare you the details of the original boy with the beard, for now.  It's actually simpler than one might imagine.  There was no sordid love affair that left me tragically nostalgic for facial hair.  In fact, I can say it in one line.  There was a class I had with a boy, with a beard, and he was so attractive that I grinned all my feelings out whenever we talked together.  The end.  But what I love about all this is that it was an acquired taste.  Beards.  And just imagine what might happen in the future, with other people I may come across.  The things and experiences that may captivate me, that I couldn't have dreamed of alone!  Isn't it wonderful?  This wondrous world?

Friday, October 10, 2008

and now for a proper introduction...

It hasn't even been a day, and I feel compelled to blog again.  Already.  But I feel like I've been impolite to Blogger as a whole, by teasing it from the start.  So let's start again, and this time with a sort of blogger-esque handshake.

I should have begun with things I like about Blogger.  For instance, for example, after a cool hour of visiting blogs, I've found that it houses an infinite amount of amazing people and personalities.  I'm particularly taken by the thoughts of travelers, their pictures from around the world.  It's actually related to my purpose for being here.  The website I posted this morning - www.gogalavanting.com - is all about celebrating the wonder that is traveling.

And who am I?  I'm a student, an English major.  I intern for aforementioned site.  And I must apologize for my rudeness, please don't associate it with the website.  It's made up of all things kind and good and good-natured.   It's about connecting and growing and learning and inspiring, and maybe packing up your suitcase to go galavant across the world.  

If I had to guess at why I chose to start a blog with 'things I have against blogging,' it is probably because I'm a bit of a fairy-hippie, sometimes.  I like letter writing and tree houses.  I dream of being reached by carrier pigeons, someday.  But it has occurred to me that I'm nostalgic for a time period I wasn't even born into.   How silly, no?

I am silly, but also serious.  Serious about you and your blogs and traveling and connecting.  So all the best to all of you, and keep writing always.

what are beginnings made of?

    Here are three things I have against blogging.  

1. the amount of time I've just devoured, trying to figure out how to set my settings just right.  and then came questions concerning color, and oh, well, this purple will do, or maybe it would be better in green?  and so on... 
2. the amount of time that will be devoured when I start to have nightmares concerning random groups of people I may accidentally offend (for instance, am I offending regular bloggers just now, with the fact that I have anything against blogging?), and other various troubles that might appear in this technological world, with its own set of rules and etiquette.
3. blogging.  the word.  I just hate it.

But there aren't a lot of things I hate.  I promise.  If anything, the reason I started this blog is to spread all things wonderful, that I like.  or love.  I'll try to spare you, accidental reader, of everything that falls under these categories.  It may be overwhelming.  But while you're here, something you should check out?

it's why I exist in this format.  but ta - ta for now!